Our Parties

We throw two kinds of parties.

The first is our Roommate Matching Party where potential renters interact and network with other attendees to find the perfect roommate.

The second type of party we host is our Exclusive Social Soiree where upscale professionals who live or work in the FiDi come together for social and business networking purposes. Usually held in an exclusive bar, lounge, or if the weather permits, a rooftop in the FiDi. All our events are ONLY hosted in the FiDi and ONLY with our paid partners and sponsors.

We have between 50 to 100 people who register to attend these events.

Check out pictures from our first roommate party held Feb 20 at Hot Clay Oven here.

Hosting a Roommate Party or Exclusive Social Soiree With Us

Your restaurant, lounge, hotel, venue or retail store can host an event through us.

Advantages of Hosting

  • Our roommate matching events are targeted at hip, young professionals under 30 years of age.
  • Our Social Soirees target all ages.
  • Our Roommate Matching events are held on Sundays from 2 pm to 5 pm when foot traffic to area retail and restaurants is typically slow.
  • Our Social Soirees can be held any evening of the week, preferably weekdays.
  • All Our events are held in a clean, upscale, and healthy atmosphere.
  • All attendees at the roommate parties are first directed toward the retail section of the location to purchase food and drinks and then register or check in for the networking salon.
  • All attendees at our Social Soirees are typically invited for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres from a 6 to 8 p.m. format and they can take tours of the location that is hosting the event and interact with the host and other guests. The open bar and snacks would further encourage the desks to stay longer and partake in the clients offerings. Typically, by the client offsetting the costs upfront, the guests are either invited and pre-screened or invited for a nominal cost.
  • Our events run two to three hours, so attendees stay and spend money at your location and even text or invite friends at the last minute to join them, unless it not by invitation only!
  • An average attendee spends between $10-$25 per person per roommate matching event. For the exclusive soirees, the skys the limit!
  • Since our networking events are for locals or people looking to stay in local apartments, they are most likely to re-visit your store or location!
  • There is no hard-sell, or pressure tactics at our events. Our goal is to educate people about the neighborhood, and with the help of your staff, acquaint all attendees about the uniqueness of your restaurant or storefront
  • Media coverage - both before and after - usually results from hosting such an event.

How We Promote Our Parties

  1. Dedicated eblasts through our email newsletter (SEE SAMPLE)
  2. Ads in our email newsletters (SEE SAMPLE)
  3. Press releases (SEE SAMPLE)
  4. Extensive online and social media (SEE SAMPLE)
  5. Partnerships with exclusive social and media channels

If you are interested in hosting one of our roommate parties, send us an email.

Other Advertising Options

In addition to the parties, we also offer other options of advertising and working with us. Click here to learn more.


Roommate Matching Parties: Our basic out of pocket cost to host each roommate matchmaking party is $500 which includes extensive advertising on Craigslist (the number one place where people look for apartments) both in their free and paid sections, submissions to other websites, event directories, search engines, local media outlets, as well as doing email blasts to roughly 9,000 Manhattan area real estate brokers through an opt-in third party vendor.

We absorb the costs of all in-house promotions, marketing and advertising as well as hiring staff to organize and supervise our events. There is never any charge for potential renters to attend. We also don't expect our restaurant partners to give away any food or drink for free. However, we leave it to their discretion if they want to run any specials, such as 2-for-1 drink specials or happy hour prices.

We also cover the cost of doing post-event coverage at the event, which includes sending a blogger and a photographer to cover the event. The coverage is usually posted within 24 hours after an event.

Exclusive Social Soirees: The pricing to host an Exclusive Soiree depends on the type of venue that is hosting and the breakdown is as follows:

For RESTAURANTS, the cost is $500 per event or $1,650 to host a set of four events.



For RETAIL STORES, the cost is $1,000 per event or $3,550 to host a set of four events.



For an APARTMENT BUILDING or LEASING OFFICE, the cost is $2,000 per event or $8,500 for a set of four events (can be multiple buildings in the FiDi). Food, drinks, and other offerings are at the discretion of the client and highly recommended. Buildings can also stipulate that no OPs would be offered to any real estate agents attending the events. Parties an be held in a lounge, rooftop, or an actual apartment, depending on the clients requirements and wishes.



Terms and Conditions: All packages must be paid in full before any parties can be scheduled and promoted. A customer service representative will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your order and schedule available and applicable dates. There are no cancellations or refunds on any orders placed on any packages and there are no substitutions on dates, unless agreed to in writing over email and approved by management. We reserve the right to refuse entry or participation at any time.

If you have any questions, please contact 212 742 0927 or send an email to