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All FiDi - All The Time


Sales of Condos in FiDi Showing Signs of Recovery

Based on data available at various government and private data sites, FiDi continues to be a haven for renters while sales are still taking a back seat. However, buying and selling is picking up.

Six apartments were recorded as sold this month already -



Where To Worship in FiDi: A Comprehensive List

A prominent structure in FiDi is Trinity Church, an active Episcopal parish built in 1697. The church which many Wall Street titans pass daily is actually the third version built. In 1776 The Great New York City Fire destroyed the first church. It was rebuilt in 1790 only to be destroyed from the severe winter of 1838. Today’s church was completed in 1846. In addition to offering a full service schedule, they offer a vibrant music program, host an array of events and forums as well as group gatherings for yoga, Bible study, Faith and Film, bereavement, etc.



Working with a Rental Agent in FiDi

Looking to lease an Apartment in some of New York’s hottest new residential buildings in FiDi, Financial District, can be a daunting task if unfamiliar with the neighborhood.

Gold Street, John Street, Water Street and Wall Street all sound like the home to financial institutions, and they are, they are also the addresses of some of the hottest residential rental properties in Manhattan today.


Roommate Matchmaking:

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