Occupy Wall Street – When Choosing Sides, Go Wrong.

With Occupy Wall Street taking over the news, the big question most people are asking themselves is which side is right and which side is wrong? But is that really the right question we should be asking ourselves? Are the answers really that black and white? Perhaps part of the problem is our narrow-minded thinking, which is consistent with our bi-partisan system and now creating revolts like Occupy Wall Street. Most catastrophes in general are caused by more than one party, more than one socioeconomic group etc. However, because it is human nature to blame the other side without acknowledging our own faults, our black and white thinking causes head-on collisions with each other, causing protests, violence and societal disorder. Once the “horse is out of the barn” extremism tends to formulate in all kinds, eventually creating an illusionary battle amongst ourselves – Capitalism vs Socialism.

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Four Points By Sheraton Coming To FiDi

Exciting things continue to happen in FiDi. Opening summer of 2013, will be a Four Points By Sheraton.  The new hotel will have 264 rooms and will be located at 6 Platt Street.  

As per businesswire, Senior Vice President of North American Development for Starwood, Paul Sacco, stated, “The upcoming opening of our fourth Four Points hotel in New York City demonstrates that the brand’s blend of comfort, style and affordability is resonating with travelers in key urban centers.” 

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Potbelly Sandwich Store Coming to Maiden Lane in FiDi

Add one more fast food joint to the mix!

As if Maiden Lane wasn’t already the retaurant row for FiDi, the owners of 2 Gold Street announced today that a storefront that lay idle for the longest time in their ground floor apartment complex will now house a 2,800 square feel Pot Belly’s Sandwich shop.

If you haven’t heard of them, here’s the scoop:

Potbelly Sandwich Shop began in 1977 as a small antique store run by a nice young couple. Despite the fast-paced, never-a-dull-moment world of antique dealing, the couple decided to bolster their business by making sandwiches for their customers. What began as a lark, turned out to be a stroke of genius. Soon, people who couldn’t care less about vintage glass doorknobs were stopping by to enjoy special sandwiches and homemade desserts in this unusual atmosphere.

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The Bald and Beautiful: Shave Your Head on St Patty’s Day

March 17th marks the 12th Year Anniversary of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation founding event at Jim Brady’s located at 75 Maiden Lane.

FiDi residents and workers are invited to attend and help them surpass their event fundraising goal of $200,000 by registering to raise funds as a shavee or donating on behalf of your brave friends, family and colleagues shaving at Jim Brady’s!

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