How The Bull Got To Wall Street

Wall Street goers and residents cannot get enough of the Charging Bull and are proud to have Wall Street as its home.  

The Charging Bull stands in Bowling Green Park near Wall Street in FiDi.  It is a 7,100 lb bronze sculpture by Arturo Di Modica that stands at 11 ft tall and 16 feet long.  He spent $360,000 to create, cast, and install the sculpture following the 1987 stock market crash.  It was Di Modica’s idea to create the bull in an act of “guerrilla art,” he drove to Lower Manhattan on December 15, 1989 and installed the sculpture underneath a 60-foot Christmas tree in the front of the New York Stock Exchange as a Christmas girl to the people of New York.  The bull was seized by police and placed in an impound lot.  

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Meet the Super Who Drives a Mercedes-Benz!

The NYT recently did a piece on supers in NYC that go above and beyond what the  position has in the past been typically associate with. When we all think of building supers, we think of dirty handymen dressed in coveralls with a hammer in one hand and paint in the other.  In many buildings in NYC, this is no longer the case, especially here in FiDi.  One super The Times highlighted was Greg Capizzi, of 20 Pine St in FiDi.  Capizzi is a FiDi resident and he overseas a staff of 20 including three handymen, six porters, four doorman and four concierges.  That’s some staff!

Capizzi, like most working in the Financial District, wears a business suit to work every day.  He has a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Hartford and he drives a Mercedes.  As the super of 20 Pine St, which is a 409-unit condominium with interior design by Armani/Casa, Capizzi throws on coveralls when necessary but he mostly is involved with building infrastructure and customer service.

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Dwell95: A One-Night Stand Haven?

FiDi can apparently be a great place to go down (town)!

Recently the NYPost listed the most notorious one-night stand buildings in New York City and lo and behold Dwell95 in our beloved FiDi was right on up there. 

Being a prior resident of the building, this quite honestly doesn’t shock me one bit, and I may or may not have had something to do with the claim.  Dwell95 is the home to sexy young professionals, models, fashionistas, actors and actresses, and lots and lots of scandal.

On the weekends, that’s really when there’s love in the air. Residents are expensively dressed to hit the clubs and up-scale restaurants as they check themselves out in the enormous mirror that faces the elevators in the lobby.  When many of them return, they have others with them to continue the party back in their apartments.

The apartments at Dwell95 are seductive as well.  The studio loft that I lived in had an office, an ivory marble bathroom, dark hardwood floors throughout, and dark cherry cabinets in the kitchen with a glass chandelier, and stainless steel appliances.  It was enough to make any girl weak to her knees.

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