Occupy Wall Street – When Choosing Sides, Go Wrong.

With Occupy Wall Street taking over the news, the big question most people are asking themselves is which side is right and which side is wrong? But is that really the right question we should be asking ourselves? Are the answers really that black and white? Perhaps part of the problem is our narrow-minded thinking, which is consistent with our bi-partisan system and now creating revolts like Occupy Wall Street. Most catastrophes in general are caused by more than one party, more than one socioeconomic group etc. However, because it is human nature to blame the other side without acknowledging our own faults, our black and white thinking causes head-on collisions with each other, causing protests, violence and societal disorder. Once the “horse is out of the barn” extremism tends to formulate in all kinds, eventually creating an illusionary battle amongst ourselves – Capitalism vs Socialism.

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The Smile Event 2011 Comes To Cipriani

Source: operationsmile.org

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Operation Smile, the organization is a worldwide medical charity that provides free surgery for children that were born with facial deformaties.  This year, the Smile Event, hosted by Operation Smile at Cipriani at 55 Wall St on May 5th at 6:30pm, will celebrate morethan 160,000 children who have received life-changing surgeries in 60 countries worldwide. 

Celebrity guests include; Brooke Burke, David Charvet, Natalie Morales, Jessica Simpson, and Matthew Fox.

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The Bald and Beautiful: Shave Your Head on St Patty’s Day

March 17th marks the 12th Year Anniversary of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation founding event at Jim Brady’s located at 75 Maiden Lane.

FiDi residents and workers are invited to attend and help them surpass their event fundraising goal of $200,000 by registering to raise funds as a shavee or donating on behalf of your brave friends, family and colleagues shaving at Jim Brady’s!

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Rats and Dead Bodies Invade Wall Street!

Walking up on Wall Street today as you are heading toward Water Street chances are you have walked past the huge rat and a coffin with an ugly dead body in wraps and you’ve been wondering what the hell is up with the folks at the Crest rental building, right?

Well we have the answers as to why rats and dead bodies are invading Wall Street.

Turns out there is a some type of dispute or a purported dispute and nobody knows the real facts but Laborer’s Local 78, a workers union, is claiming in fliers it is passing out to folks on the street that Metro Loft Management, the building that manages 63 and 67 Wall Street, collectively knows as The Crest, “has hired a substandard company to perform deadly asbestos abatement” at a nearby property. 

According to the union flier, the company that Metro Loft hired, Even Air, “is a company that cheats its workers by refusing to provide them with a decent wage or basic benefits such as health care.” The Union flier also warns that “exposure to asbestos can cause cancer and one fiber it all it takes.”

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Gay Nightlife Comes To FiDi


FiDiDigs.com gossip blogger, Jennifer Manghisi, has got the 411 on gay nightlife in FiDi.  Ben Harvey and Casey Fitzpatrick of GUMBO or Gay Dumbo Party, will be hosting a gay night at the Library Bar on the last Wednesday of every month at The Gild Hall Hotel on 15 Gold Street.  DJ Pony will be playing pop remixes.  


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