FiDiDigs.com is a local, community-driven blog and event promotion company that specializes in all things Financial District.

We live, we breathe, we drink, we sleep Financial District (FiDi). The company focuses on educating the general public about the FiDi area and real estate is always the first thing that comes to mind -- after the stock market, of course!

Actually, that's the perception that we 'FiDiers' want to propagate. This is one of the cleanest, hippest, and funnest neighborhoods in Manhattan and there's many a hidden gem here. It's just amazing to discover the nooks and crannies of the district.

As you embark on the neighorhood tour with us, we hope that we can answer all your questions, and hopefully, rent - or sell - you a luxury apartment with all the amazing amenities along the way! Drop us a note to Lak@FiDiDigs.com. See you at one of our roommate matching and social networking parties!

Our founder Lak Vohra is a licensed real estate salesperson.