Water Taxi Beaches Set to Reopen for Summer

governorsislandbeach2010.jpgOnly two of the three Water Taxi Beaches are on track to open this summer as the original Long Island City location is on the rocks due to a city construction project, Michael Fox, the corporate sales and government relations manager for Water Taxi Beach told NewYorkology in an interview today.The Long Island City location — in Queens on the waterfront across from Midtown Manhattan — has operated on city land from the start in 2005. “We’re trying to negotiate … to keep that space” or one nearby, Fox said. Hopefully within a month they’ll know if they’ll be able to open in Queens later this summer.The good news is that the Governors Island Water Taxi Beachwill open Memorial Day weekend, most likely with a food, drink and entertainment lineup like last year. They’ll also again host corporate events - and possibly more weddings. (There was one Governors Island beach wedding last year, Fox said.)

Governors Island this year opens for the season on May 27, the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. The beach, like the rest of the island, will be open Fridays, weekends and new for this summer - holiday Mondays, according to the Governors Island Alliance.

The South Street Seaport Water Taxi Beach will open May 5, Fox said, at the same location as in the past, the north side of Pier 17 facing the Brooklyn Bridge.


Details of the food and drink offerings are still up in the air, but they will still have alcohol, and possibly open more weekday afternoons (instead of only Wednesdays through Sundays in the past.)

The Water Taxi Beaches are no longer affiliated with the New York Water Taxi, which is now wholly owned by the Durst Organization.

Picture credits: Water Taxi beaches at Governors Island (top) and the South Street Seaport. By Amy Langfield/NewYorkology.

Update as of 8 p.m.: Curbed reports the project planned for the Long Island City site is “Hunters Point South, the massive middle-income community and waterfront park project officially unveiled last month.”

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