Rats and Dead Bodies Invade Wall Street!

Walking up on Wall Street today as you are heading toward Water Street chances are you have walked past the huge rat and a coffin with an ugly dead body in wraps and you've been wondering what the hell is up with the folks at the Crest rental building, right?

Well we have the answers as to why rats and dead bodies are invading Wall Street.

Turns out there is a some type of dispute or a purported dispute and nobody knows the real facts but Laborer's Local 78, a workers union, is claiming in fliers it is passing out to folks on the street that Metro Loft Management, the building that manages 63 and 67 Wall Street, collectively known as The Crest, "has hired a substandard company to perform deadly asbestos abatement" at a nearby property. 

According to the union flier, the company that Metro Loft hired, Even Air, "is a company that cheats its workers by refusing to provide them with a decent wage or basic benefits such as health care." The Union flier also warns that "exposure to asbestos can cause cancer and one fiber it all it takes."

To illustrate their claim, the Union has a huge rat placed right in front of the 63 Wall entrance and a fake dead body in a coffin right next to the entrance of 67 Wall, the two buildings managed by Metro Loft.

Steve Hevia, an official with Metro Loft, has shot back at the protest by issuing notices to all residents in the two buildings that "there is no asbestos abatement work, or work relating to asbeston abatement underway at this property" referring to the 63 and 67 buildings.

"We believe the purpose of the demonstration is to apply pressure to hire a unionized asbestos removal company for an upcoming abatement project at another property managed by Metro Loft Management."

Privately, doormen at the two buildings were instructed to call the cops to have the protest taken down, insiders say.

However, when local cops arrived, they couldn't do nothing. The Union is savvy to only employ less than three protesters at the site at one time, so its not an official protest that needs a permit. And the giant mouse and the coffin are on a public street!

So, the cat and mouse game continues!

Insiders say the last time such a protest erupted it lasted three months!

Unsuspecting tourists are welcoming it as a tourist mousetrip for pictures!

Welcome to New York.


Rats and Dead Bodies Invade Wall Street! — 2 Comments

  1. Let's go keep fighting for workers rights!!! Workers deserve better wages, Benefits and good treatment at.. job site!!!

  2. That's
    When cops arrived they could not do anything.
    Alternatively, Grammatically one could say
    Local police could not take action!

    Spellcheck all ye lazy bloggers……

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