East Broadway at Nightfall

"With a camera the discovery of the external world simultaneously reveals the internal world" Henry Cartier-Bresson


My initial motivation to take up photography was to document the things I saw on a daily basis. It's interesting because it underscores my initial assumption that photography is mainly a documentary medium. Mainly that, I as the photographer, would reactively capture.


However, with practice and time, I've modified that view; the genius of photography is its ability to capture a unique moment of reality. Of course, every photographer knows this concept as Cartier-Bresson's "Decisive Moment".  This modification has not only enriched my perspective on the nature of photography, but also greatly enhanced my creative process. I no longer solely react, rather than I position myself in place for the correct composition, lighting, etc.


Of course, This maturation would never have happened so quickly without the benefit of the great photographers of the past. The digital age has not only allowed me to snap thousands of photos with little cost, but it has allowed me to learn the techniques of some of history's greatest photographers with just a click.


In the same vein, I've decided to include some background on my shots. While this location is a slight hike from FiDi, it is easily accessible. This shot is of East Broadway taken from the Manhattan Bridge facing south. The Manhattan Bridge offers excellent views of Lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge.


The one drawback is the vibration from the traffic and subway trains on the bridge.


For more of my work click here. To purchase or license my work please click here. Also, I'm always on the lookout for new shooting locations within FiDi; if anyone knows of new/different/private locations I can shoot at please contact me via this site.

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