FiDi Spirits: Where To Find the Cheapest Booze in Town!

FiDi patrons, you may have to walk a few miles to find a decent farmer’s market or a Starbucks that’s open past 6pm but when it comes to liquor stores you’ve got a fine selection and most stores are open late.  Selection, prices and “friendly” service varies depending on where you go so if I had to recommend a few places that I think stand out it would be the following.

New York Wine Exchange, conveniently located on Broadway just west of the “charging bull,” is one of the larger liquor stores in the area with a wide selection of spirits and liquors.  The variety for types of vodka or whiskey’s, etc. is large so if there is a specific type, size, brand you’re looking for this should be your first stop.  Prices are average and the staff is willing to help if asked.

Royal Wine Merchants in general will be able to give you the best bang for your buck and they are conveniently located on South William Street.  Plus there’s the added bonus of FREE local delivery.  So if you need to place a quick order over the phone for the kick-off of Friday night drinks in the office, call these guys – they’re easy to understand over the phone and no hassle.

La Petite Cave has stellar service.  The store may be small and the selection of spirits is limited but the owner can is friendlier than Mr. Rogers!  If you’re a novice wine drinker or need to get the perfect thank you gift, house-warming gift or celebration gift make this your first stop.  The owner is beyond helpful and knowledgeable, so not only will you leave with a great tasting wine and change still clanking in your pocket, you’ll be glad to call this guy your neighbor.

I don’t want to dwell too much on the negative but to spare you from having a similarly bad experience there’s a certain small liquor store located on Fulton Street that makes Dell customer service look good.  To add insult to injury the place isn’t cheap.  A 750ml of grey goose will cost you $49.99 while you can get 1L of grey goose for $46.95 at West Street Wine & Spirits, you do the math.

Our Comparison of FiDi Liquor Stores

Our Comparison of FiDi Liquor Stores


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