Saturday Nights at Ulysses: FiDi’s Secret

The only thing I love more than a dinner party is a dance party.

The spacious apartments of the Financial District can accomodate the former but don't quite allow for the grand scale of my ideal house-party-rager.  So on most weekend nights, after many hours (and drinks) out on the town, I may find myself cranking some music back at the apartment in vain effort to get my dance on.

(Which doesn’t bother my neighbors, thanks to the thick walls in my Wall Street high rise!)

But  I’ve made a discovery that, given my penchant for late night dancing on the weekend, leads me to think that I’ve found the Promised Land. 

Ulysses Folk House--popular with the after work crowd for Lobster Mondays, other weekly meal specials and its tap selection alone-- reincarnates into a live music venue on Saturday nights at 10pm.  And the dancing’s encouraged, kids.

What I believed to be an anomaly in November, when I visited over the Thanksgiving weekend-- a groovy, funky band on stage with a large crowd getting down-- proved to be an average Saturday night at Ulysses, when I stumbled, literally, onto Stone Street this Saturday night.  The band The Cleaners were jamming on stage and even after their set ended a DJ cranked up some classic dance favorites, such as “Shout”  so that we revelers could keep the party going. 

And we did.


Ulysses Folk House

95 Pearl Street | 58 Stone Street

New York, NY 10004



A few key details:

Showtime: 10pm

Cover charge: Depends. Usually $10-$20, sometimes free drink is included

Food: Kitchen closes at 3:30 am on the weekends. (This is my type of place!)

Other nights: Wednesday-Friday, DJ ‘till 4am. 

Upcoming shows (click thumbnail)


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