NYU Eyes FiDi For Expansion

The college newspaper for NYU is reporting that the university is considering building or purchasing space in the FiDi - an area that they basically ignored for the longest time.

Washington Square News, the student-run paper, quoted a university spokesman as saying that the FiDi was in the game plan as NYU plans to add six million square feet of space by its bicentennial in 2031. 

Having a sizable presence in lower Manhattan fits into the remote location strategy NYU is pursuing to reduce the space burdens on its main campus, the paper reported.

NYU used to have leases on Cliff and Water Streets but over the years the officials turned away from FiDi - only to reignite interest in the area.

FiDi Community Board always tries to solicit new ventures as many landlords are worried that when One World Trade Center opens in 2013, the additional 2.6 million square feet of office space will clutter the market, the paper said.

The report also said NYU would run into roadblocks getting necessary approvals to make such a project happen.

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