Comfort and Class Thrive at Bar Seven Five

At one year old, Bar Seven Five ("Bar Se7en 5ive") conjures a range of judgments upon guests' arrivals.  For patrons of elite Manhattan cocktail lounges, it is a vain attempt to join their league.  For customers wandering in from Pearl Street searching for class, Bar Seven Five is legitimately upscale.  But reconcilably, at the end of even a Casual Friday, Bar Seven Five is as candidly welcoming as is its host offering to take coats.

Unique within its vicinity, Bar Seven Five is a cocktail lounge that poses an escape from Pearl Street pubs.  Yet to be claimed by a particular sect, it is everybody’s place.  Though Bar Seven Five's cocktail menu is far from eccentric, it has both a selection of seasonal specialties and a solid list of classics that includes Old Fashioned’s, Sidecars, Daiquiris, and more.  The blends are tasty and sufficiently strong: Pimm’s Cups can be downed in minutes, dangerously so.  The cocktails share a menu with a large collection of scotch and blended whiskeys, as well as various higher end rum, tequila, bourbon, gin, vodka, cognac, and wine options.  All cocktails are fourteen dollars, so guests should be braced to spend it.  Tap beers are six, so with tip, two can be guiltlessly purchased for every one of their more dense counterparts.  (But go to Bar Seven Five for cocktails or liquor).

Bar Seven Five's staff is large and accessible.  Adding to the bar's spacious and welcoming vibe, there is no “behind the bar.”  The black-lacquered counters are the same height and shape as other tables and with their silver sinks, bowls of fruit, and trays of Tabasco sauce and swizzle sticks, they serve as places to make and display drinks as well as to devour them.  Bartenders shimmy petite silver shakers tableside before pouring blends into glasses garnished with mint, orange, or sugar.  Modern bulbs hanging over the tables give the illusion of rows of wine glasses turned upside down.   With minimal décor and floor-to-ceiling windows that display an almost suburbanly-deserted Pearl Street, Bar Seven Five is neither light enough to apply mascara nor dark enough to spawn a morning-after regret, which would otherwise be possible, because when tables fill, it becomes easy to broach conversation across them.  Guests can linger for hours, eventually trying the meats and cheeses or specialties from the raw bar, or a side of French fries.  With unrecognizable songs creating no more than an energetic background beat, Bar Seven Five is conducive to conversation, which may get loud because nobody minds. 

Although located on the first floor of the Andaz, a combined hotel and condominium branch of the Hyatt, Bar Seven Five does not enclose the jet-lagged languor of many hotel bars.  Because of the large staircase near its entrance that leads to a popular restaurant, Wall & Water, upstairs, not guest rooms, Bar Seven Five feels more like the lower level of a restaurant than it does a hotel bar.  But it is both.

Bar Seven Five is located at 75 Wall Street, between Water and Pearl.  It is open from 4 PM to 12 AM daily.  Bar Seven Five can be found online at and reached by phone at 212-590-1234. 

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