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A Wall St Pup Bundles UpWhile it may have been The Baha Men who asked the ever-enduring question, “who let the dogs out?”, it’s FiDi residents who are pounding the pavement with puppies in tow.  There are several places in and around FiDi to get along with your little doggie.

True, some locals leave the dog walking to actual dog walkers, especially during the hectic work week. On this surprisingly warm January morning however, dog owners are more than happy to stroll around Wall Street with man’s best friend.  I encountered many beaming urbanites promenading through FiDi, a leash in one hand & their morning coffee in the other.  What’s not to beam about?  Many FiDi businesses, including banks, have no problem with our leashed furry friends visiting.  TD Bank even offers free dog biscuits at the teller counter.

Finding a good dog park comes down to really just one word, “proximity”, as one dog owner puts it.  As it just so happens, there are several parks nearby.   For the pampered pet there’s Fetch Club, an indoor doggie play center located on South Street.  Also close by is the Battery Park City dog run, complete with a gorgeous view of the river.  It’s essentially directly behind the Financial District’s stellar skyscrapers. Locals will also direct you to the park off Chambers St, which is pretty popular with K9 crowd.

Hudson River Dog Rules

However, the paws-down favorite is Hudson River Park, which is a 10 minute stroll from Wall Street.  Conveniently, being a hop, skip, and a scamper away is not all Hudson Park has to offer.  Known as “the big park”, the recreation area has several amenities.   There’s a large area for big dogs and a smaller, fenced off area for little dogs.  They also have a bone-shaped pool for dogs to splash around in when it’s warm outside.  Also, there’s a major benefit FiDites can thank themselves for.   As one local says, the “people and dogs” themselves make the area enjoyable.

Keepin' An Eye Out For The Little Guy

Trust me, this is no dog-eat-dog park.  During an interview I was conducting, a Labrador broke off another dog’s harness while playing.  The now leash-less pet owner’s response?  “You’re dog’s really talented”, she joked with a warm laugh.

FiDi dog lovers rejoice!  The dog days are not in fact, over. The fun has just begun.  Bring the fur kids out this weekend in the Financial District and walk out your winter time blues!

Layering Has Gone To The Dogs

Dog Parks Near FiDi:

▪ Hudson River Park Dog Run – Just off of West St, across the walking bridge.

▪ Battery Park City- 1 World Financial Center -

▪ George’s Dog Run -51 Washington Square S.

▪Fetch Club Indoor Dog Park - 86 South St.

▪ Tribeca Dog Run- Between Greenwich  & West St.

▪ Washington Market Park- Chambers St. & Greenwich- Not an actual dog run, but locals love taking
thier pets for a walk in this area.

by  Chardonnay Padilla


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